Education Chair


The Education Committee Chair is responsible for recommending & arranging approved educational opportunities for members at Chapter meetings and/or independent educational events sponsored by the Chapter.

Specific Responsibilities:

∙ Accept responsibilities and duties as assigned by Chapter President and/or Board of Directors.
∙ Coordinate logistics of educational events, including but not limited to the following:

– Request written quotes and resumes from possible presenters. The goal is to plan 18 months ahead.
– Negotiate speaker fees as directed by the Board of Directors.
– Coordinate arrangements with the Meetings Coordinator for the meeting site and presenter’s requirements.
– Archive completed contracts and other pertinent information.
– Prepare written presenter agreements, get appropriate signatures and distribute as necessary.
– Print class certificates and handouts if required.
– Communicate with presenters in a timely manner for travel plans.

∙ Submit appropriate information to the Newsletter Editor and Web Master for publication in advance of events.
∙ Prepare and implement additional mailings to promote workshops as directed by the BOD.
∙ Maintain detailed and orderly records to pass on to future committee chairs to ensure a smooth transition.
∙ Maintain on-going communication with the Chapter President or the designated supervising Vice President and submit written updates as requested.
∙ Update “Learn ‘N Earn” section on AMTA website as soon as dates are set for any AMTA-SC Chapter sponsored workshop

Eligibility: Must be a professional member in good standing.

Term of Service: Appointed positions will be for a term of one (1) year or until successors are appointed.

Vacancy & Succession: A vacancy may be filled by appointment by the Chapter President with the approval of the Chapter Board at any regular or special meeting or by email ballot.

Removal from Office
Any chair may be removed from appointed position for failure to:
1. Fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties).
2. Abide by the National AMTA Bylaws, Policy, Job Description, Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct, Chapter Standing Rules, Financial Policies and Procedures.
3. Keep AMTA membership dues current.

Authority: This position has no authority to act on behalf of AMTA or the Chapter to enter into contracts or agreements or to commit Chapter funds.

Accountability: The Education Chair is accountable to the Chapter Board by virtue of appointment and reports to the Chapter President or designated supervising Vice President.

Other Points to Note:
∙ All AMTA correspondence is privileged and ONLY goes to board members unless the board agrees that something has need to be shared with others. This is absolute. Please do not share anything that is said on this board unless you know that the board wants it to be shared.

∙ All reports, including resignations, come only to the President, who then can have conversations to update, correct, or call with questions before sharing with the rest of the board. This is for any reporting that you are responsible for and includes things that are to go to National. They should come to the President first and not be sent out to national or others until confirmed by the President.

AMTA- SC Chapter
Revised: 3/2010