Chapter Social/Entertainment Chair

Convention/Workshop Planning
for Social Entertainment Chair
Throughout Year:
• Seek out gifts for raffles and goody bags from various vendors
• Be on conference calls as set by President.

At BOD retreat:

• Finalize decision on what will be needed for Convention social
• Have list of raffle items and vendors that need booths for convention
• Be collecting items for goody bags

Day before Convention:
• Be at BOD meeting as set by President
• Bring goody bags, raffle items, raffle tickets, free gift drawings
and tickets to convention site.
• Make sure everything is set up for social.

Day of Convention:
• Work registration desk as set by President
• Have goody bags ready to hand out to class participants at desk

Day of Business Meeting:
• Have raffle items ready for drawing and well as any free gift drawings

Post Convention:
• Send Thank You notes to companies that gave gifts and to vendors.
• Send list of companies that donated to newsletter editor for next publication.