Chapter Immediate Past President

Position Title: Chapter Immediate Past President



The primary role of the Immediate Past President (IPP) is to serve as “senior statesperson.” within the Chapter. She/he may assist the President/Board as requested with duties and matters pertaining to the Chapter, and will be available for assistance, and counsel on AMTA chapter business. She/he will make her or his knowledge and skill gained in the AMTA Chapter’s highest office available to the Association.



Professional member in good standing

Succeeds to the office by virtue of completion of the term of Chapter President.



The authority of the Immediate Past President is granted by the membership through election and as specified in the National Bylaws, National and Chapter Policies and Chapter Standing Rules (if existent).



The Immediate Past President reports to the President and the Board of Directors and is accountable to the membership for her/his responsibilities and performance by virtue of election


Term of Office

The term of office is concurrent with the term of the succeeding President.



The Chapter Immediate Past President works most closely with President, Chapter Board members and appointees, Chapter staff or consultants, and National AMTA staff. The Chapter Immediate Past President also communicates with chapter members, other Chapter Immediate Past Presidents, the Chapter Relations Committee, Chapter Relations Department, and/or other National volunteers, as appropriate.



Within the limitations of the Chapter Standing Rules and policies established by the Chapter Board of Directors (if existent), the Immediate Past President is responsible for and has commensurate authority to carry out the following:

  1. Supports and provides continuity to the President’s work of fulfilling the envisioned future, strategic plan, and policies established by the Chapter Board of Directors.
  2. Represents the President or serves as spokesperson for the AMTA Chapter as requested by the President.
  3. Identifies, cultivates and recruits future Chapter leaders.
  4. Makes recommendations to the Chapter President for committee appointments.
  5. Mentors and is available to provide advice to elected and appointed volunteers.
  6. May serve as a Board member, if Chapter Standing Rules so state.
  7. May serve as a Board supervisor for volunteer/committee activities as assigned, if a member of the Chapter Board.
  8. Stays informed about the membership via mechanisms such as reading board materials and chapter newsletters, monitoring chapter websites, reviewing member survey results, and through personal contacts at national and local meetings.
  9. Performs additional duties as delegated and authorized by the President.
  10. Passes on records of activities and timelines relevant to her/his position during their term as President and supplies the incoming President with those records to ensure a smooth transition.
  11. Directs and refers members to appropriate volunteer and staff contacts as needed.


Time Commitment

The time commitment is approximately 2–4 hours per week, depending on chapter activities.


Vacancy and Succession

In the event of a vacancy, this office shall remain vacant until the current Chapter President succeeds into this position.


Removal from the Chapter Board of Directors

An officer may be removed from the Board for failure to:

  1. Fulfill her/his duties and responsibilities (dereliction of duties).
  2. Abide by the National AMTA Bylaws, Policy, Job Description, Chapter Volunteer Code of Conduct, Chapter Standing Rules (if existent), Financial Policies and Procedures.
  3. Keep AMTA membership dues current.


Removal shall occur upon recommendation from a Chapter Board member with a two-thirds vote of the entire Chapter Board.


The Chapter Immediate Past President, as a Chapter volunteer, is also subject to the Chapter Volunteer Conflict Resolution Process.