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Advertise with AMTA-SC in our three newsletters for only $75. Newsletters are sent out in January, May and November each year to about 3000 members and non-members. Send us your business card sized ad today to promote your product and/or services. Hyperlinks are available. Paypal payments are accepted.

Deadlines are listed below for the three newsletters, along with the intended content. Ad needs to be sent at least a week before deadline in case of changes needed. Please use our Contact Us page for additional information and payment options.


The newsletters (3) are created in Constant Contact and disseminated to all S.C. AMTA members. The Social Media chair member will create and disseminate the newsletters and all other Board members will provide information to the Social Media chair by the deadlines provided below.

First Newsletter

Distribution: January 15th
Deadline for contents: December 15th (prior year)
Contents: President’s Address
Spring Convention promotion and information
Awards: Meritorious, Anniversaries
Upcoming Events

Second Newsletter

Distribution: May 15th
Deadline for contents: April 15th
Contents: President’s Summary of President’s Conference
National Convention promotion and information
Fall Convention promotion and information
Award & Anniversary recipients
Awards: Meritorious, Anniversaries

Third Newsletter

Distribution: Nov. 20th
Deadline for contents: Nov. 5th
Contents: Delegate’s Summary of National Convention
Spring Convention promotion and information
Summary from National Convention and pics

Revised: 2/2016 sg